Jibin Jose (JJ)

Personal notes/ reflections

Notes and reflections from last week!

Effortless Execution

Getting to effortless execution was one of the key wins from last week. I started the week knowing the upcoming unavailability for Thu/ Fri because of personal reasons.

I have always been someone who wanted to keep doing things to get a feeling of completion to the point where creating and checking off tasks lists was a daily task!

I took a step back last week, focused on important aspects/capability that I bring to the table and decide to spend time only on that & deferring others which meant I spent time on partnerships and stakeholder relationship.

Surprisingly, no Q1 threads (firefighting/ urgent) emerged during the course of the week despite my unavailability & all Q3/ Q4 threads were deferred.

Q2 Eisenhower matrix

These are the slides I go back and refer to, from the Rethink Credo deck which talks about the Eisenhower matrix on priorities. When I reflect back to my week before last, scope reduction also aided me in getting to the effortless execution mode.

New Cadence

One of the other key wins for last week was that I was able to spend time/ set a cadence with one of the directors for the P&L and cashflow discussions. More importantly, felt like I was able to bring additional context to the discussions & get to the mode of getting things done. One of the projects that were pending approval got a green signal, which was a cherry on top.

Partnerships & Stakeholder Relationships

As mentioned above, I was able to spend time and move the needle on my key stack – the partnerships and relationship stack that is.

Quarantine, settling down & internet!

I've been home quarantined since Thursday at the hometown in Wayanad. Still settling down and adjusting to the new routine. Writing this reflection note from my terrace – as much as I appreciate the fresh air and the cardamom tea, deeply worried about the state of the internet.

This is an attempt to capture the activities & reflections over the last week. Our usual team cadence involves morning meetings starting at 1015AM and evening meetings at 515PM. All our morning meetings starts with a check-in (we have a slack bot that does this for us every morning).

I2E Slack Bot


Our Monday meetings are usually longer which involves planning activity for the week. For this week, at the beginning of the meeting itself, we decided to declare the entire week for planning – which meant halt on our operational cadence including Monday stakeholder emails (My cadence involves KS sessions, Open house on Saturdays, spending time with team members on their respective tracks/ help wherever required and the Monday stakeholder emails – weekly & team).

The objective of the planning exercise was to get to a strong close for the month, review/ reflect on activities of last quarter and plan for the next.

One of the key discussions points was to shift from a project based organisation structure to a capability based organisation structure. We also listed out the priority outcome for the upcoming quarter(s).

Over the last, we've been tinkering with notion for organising our thoughts and knowledge wiki. The whole team felt good about this and we decided to move to notion and work towards organising our units within notion over the week.

My focus points was to get on top of the stakeholder relationship/ management & work with Sijo on the policy unit. ( Sijo has been invited as a member in one of the consultative committees for drafting the next STIP & is a part of the Entrepreneurship – TG (Thematic Group)).


WEQ Notion page One of the use cases with notion workspaces is that it can act as intranet and an external page at the same time. We figured this could be a great use case for our WEQ project. Karthika anchors the WEQ activities from our team. So Karthika & I tag teamed to put together a notion workspace for WEQ, an external page with past winners (WEQ Wall), new admission details, FAQ et al & and intranet for our portfolio founders with contact/ cohort information and partner stack – this is a work in progress.

WEQ Wall

Working session with Sijo & Karthika Had a working session with Karthika and Sijo to put together a work plan for the next quarter of WEQ. This was a great exercise – both with respect to the planning angle and stakeholder relationship management.


KS Session I had a KS session with Srikrishnan Ganesan who is the founder of Rocketlane (Previously founded Konotor and exited to Freshworks). It was great to hear Sri's story of building Konotor, the exit and restarting with Rocketlane. Sri and I connected in late 2014 during the Next Big Idea cohort which my previous company was also a part of. We had a great time in Toronto spending close to 10 days during the program. Because of that, the KS session was more of a conversation than an interview.

Sri & I – Niagara falls visit during NBI

Working session with Sijo Had another working session with Sijo on one of our stakeholder bit. Again, this was a great opportunity to learn with respect to planning and thinking. After the session, we got on a call with the stakeholder running through the plan and deciding on next steps.


Partnership Stack I spent some time listing out the partners to reach out for the partnership stack. Also scheduled a call with Gokul for Saturday to get his guidance on how to go about partnerships.

list or partner stack

IRC Chat I decided to turn my old laptop to an IRC chat server! Spent sometime installing the new version of Ubuntu (LTS 20). I had an outdated elementary OS which I wiped clean and installed the new version of Ubuntu. It was a straight forward process since there were tons of articles to help setup IRC servers.


KS Sessions Had a KS session with Jasleen Kaur Lamba, Senior Manager at Invest India. It was a congenial conversation since we knew each other from the WING project (A capacity building program for women founders by Invest India). Jasleen shared her professional story and about Invest India during our session.

I had another KS scheduled with Cherian, founder of Cucumbertown (exited to cookpad) and currently VP of Intl. business at Byju's but had to be rescheduled. This gave me sometime to tinker with democracyos. Sijo mentioned about this during one of our conversations to see if we could use this platform for our policy unit/ efforts. Turns out the official support for the open source repository has ended and when tried to get this up and running, faced with a lot of issues because of the deprecated libraries.

Thanks to Joseph Stephen, I was able to get it up and running. Will need to do more tinkering and testing before we could decide if we want to use this for our policy unit efforts.

Side note: Joseph and I were batch mates during our undergrad at TIST. We were a part of team that built a mars rover replica for the URC (University Rover Challenge) that happened in Texas, 2014. Also, one of the best problem solvers (coding/ electronics) that I've come across.

democracyos test run

No evening meeting For Friday, we decided to skip the evening meeting and share our updates as voice notes (30-60 sec clips) on a telegram channel. Turns out, this is a great way to get to speed on updates as telegram auto plays one clip after the other. We also decided not to ask clarifying questions as a response to the clips to avoid this becoming a conversation thread. For me, it worked well with respect to getting to speed but was concerned about the searchability and important updates not getting logged.


The whole first half Saturday, we spent on reviewing/ reflecting our activities, haring concerns and planning ahead. Decided to remove evening team meetings from our cadence and instead will use the voice note update mechanism going forward.

Partnership stack conversation with Gokul Karthika & I got on a call with Gokul as decided to get his guidance on partner onboarding and negotiations.

Key takeaways from the week

  • Reduce scope Reducing scope and moving parts makes it easier to achieve the operating rhythm. Case in point, last week, Jomol & I decided to remove the playlist updating on website to a link to YouTube playlist and reduce the overlay complexity for KS session which helped us execute KS with ease.
  • Time for planning (operate in Q2) We need to keep aside ample time for planning. Reflection on last week was an eyeopener. The moment we deiced to halt our operational cadence freed up a lot of mind space to think and plan. Simply put, it was a relaxed week but we were able to move the needle with respect to planing for outcomes.
  • Tag teaming This week was an inflection point regarding tag teaming. Seeing ourselves as capability units opened up a lot avenues (thinking wise in my head!) for tag teaming.

To a great week that was 🍺


Bought this about 1.5 years back. Even-though we have power back up facility at our apartment, the backup generator is not instantaneous and this could turn off the router momentarily.

I've been doing video calls, webinars and most importantly knowledge series recordings – which when disconnected is a hassle to get it up and running as I'm recording directly to the YouTube channel as unlisted video.

In a nutshell, excellent bang for the buck investment.

I bought it from amazon. Link here.


Bought half a year ago (iPad pro 11 inch with apple pencil 2). The combo has been great for me.

  • a) The performance of the device is amazing. For media consumption (read Netflix, YouTube & Spotify) and editing images and videos including RAW images from my sony a6000 works like a charm. Gaming is great too!
  • b) But my best experience comes from using iPad + Pencil + Notability as by note taking tool.
  • c) As someone who loves gadgets (I watch inboxing videos and Apple’s September events!), the power this device hold inside it's thin rounded rectangular package amazes me every-time I use it!

I've been playing pubg for about 2.5 years now, on mobile. Growing up, I've always been interested in gaming & played till the counter strike days at college dorm!

Pubg, in many ways democratised massive multiplayer online gaming. Even counter strike would require a decent pc with good internet. Pubg on the other hand delivers amazing game play on medium spec mobile devices and mobile data. All this with amazing voice chat abilities. So I started playing few years back.

All the voip services out there could learn a thing or two from pubg developers!

With all that said, I've never been a pro gamer! but wanted to showcase my noob gameplay. So here it is – recorded on my iPhone – noobs playing pubg!

YouTube Channel


This tweet from Naval got me thinking. The responses in the thread is also interesting!

Earlier this week, I got the hey.com email invite – the new talk in the town/controversy! Hey wants to be the revolutionary email service that you'll pay $99 at the minimum to use!

It looked cool when I read about it and decided to give it a try.

At best, at the moment it's a highly overrated filter tbh. And the design/color scheme of the homepage is kind of on your face. So for now, it's meh!


And hey! my new hey email is jibin@hey.com ! – എന്തിനോ വേണ്ടി തിളയ്ക്കുന്ന സാംബാർ

Fahad and Sreerag shared articles written by on value-based pricing and customer success framework respectively last day on our team slack channel.

They looked surprisingly clean and neat – realized it was written in write.as. Even though Sijo had shared posts written in write.as previously, it is when Fahad shared his article I realized how clean it was!

So, planning to start with write.as going forward!